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The Zero Cool Mattress Protector features a laminating technology that facilitates the flow of moisture vapor without letting liquids seep through.

This Protector is made from eco-friendly Tencel® fibers which are naturally antimicrobial, moisture wicking, and dust repellant. The natural fiber structure of Tencel® creates channels that regulate absorption and release moisture. This moisture transportation system helps create an optimal skin climate.

Tencel® fabric is made with eucalyptus fiber from sustainable tree farms. Tencel® is certified by the international Forest Stewardship Council but perhaps the greatest benefit is the exceptional comfort you can experience with Tencel® fabric. This product is also non-allergenic, and provides proven dust mite and allergen protection due to the natural oils found in eucalyptus in addition to the Breathe-a-Barrier® protecting your mattress from moisture and contamination.It has a 10 year warranty & is machine washable.

• Tencel® Fibers Wick Moisture, Maintain Climate
• Resists Mold, Bacteria & Dust Mites
• Impermeable Yet Breathable Waterproof Barrier
• Proven Dust Mite & Allergen Protection
• Protects Against Stains & Liquid Damage
• Luxurious Feel
• Easy Care, Machine Washable
• 10 Year Warranty