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New Product Spotlight: Perfect Sleeper




This week we are going to shine a spotlight on the new Serta Perfect Sleeper and dive into how the Perfect Sleeper follows Mattress Direct’s 3 Sleep Rules: Align Your Spine, Relieve Your Pressure and Keep Your Cool to provide you with the perfect night’s sleep. 

Mattress Direct developed the Sleep Rules to help you understand what aspects should be considered in determining the best mattress for you. Because no two people are the same height and weight, sleep in the same exact position with the same bodily ailments (or lack thereof), the Sleep Rules offer a guide to make the subjective aspects into a formulated scientific approach to ensuring you get what you ultimately came into the store do to: Sleep Better. 

The first Sleep Rule: Align Your Spine focuses on supporting your spine to let your muscles relax and reduce disruptions to sleep because your body is not properly supported to keep you in a comfortable and less strenuous sleep position. The first Sleep Rule also addresses the importance your pillow plays in aligning your spine. According to physiotherapists, waking up with a stiff neck or shoulder pain can be related to using the wrong style of pillow while you sleep. When it's time to purchase a new mattress, it's also important to reevaluate whether your mattress and pillow are meeting your true sleep needs or if they are part of the contributing issue to your poor sleep quality. Your Sleep Specialist will be able to help you find the right mattress and pillow with the appropriate amount of support to keep your spine from your neck to your lower back properly positioned to encourage restful sleep.  

The second Sleep Rule: Relieve Your Pressurefocuses on removing any restrictions to your shoulders, hips or knees to stay comfortable. In a mattress these are often referred to as comfort layers composed of various fibers or foams. The more comfort layers the more pressure relief materials are being used in that mattress model. Side sleepers are often most aware of soreness on shoulders, hips and knees as that sleep position places more force against the mattress in key pressure points. The level of comfort layer material needed will be subjective based on your preferred sleep position and weight. “Overall perceived comfort of a mattress is largely dependent on pressure relief since it affects tension, impact, and spinal alignment” according to the Sleep Foundation. Mattresses with pressure relief seek to reduce frequent tossing and turning and sleep disruption due to pressure pain throughout the night by reducing tension with contouring abilities. 

The third and last Sleep Rule: Keep Your Coolis entirely focused on body temperature regulation. Sleep science is increasingly focusing on the link between thermoregulation, circadian rhythms, NREM and REM sleep cycles and how core body temperature impacts sleep disruption. In more recent sleep research, it has been found that core temperature decreases to help the onset of sleep; however, it is oftenimpactedby environmental factors. To help promote and maintain a cooler body temperature throughout the night, it is important to have appropriate sleepaccessories thatwill keep you cool. Mattress Direct carries the Relax-o-Pedic Pillows and the Zero Pillows, and two mattress protectors, the Double Ice Cooling Mattress Protector and theRelax-o-Pedic Mattress Protectorthat will aid in keeping your cool throughout the night. In addition to accessories, some mattresses are being made with materials that will promote keeping you cool as well. If you sleep hot, it is important to let your Sleep specialist know, so he or she can match you with the right cooling mattress and accessories.  

Now that we understand the science behind the Sleep Rules, it’s time to talk about the newest Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress found in the Mattress Direct Stores. 

The Perfect Sleeper is a Serta brand mattress. Sertawas established in 1931,making it only a few years younger than the Simmons Bedding pioneering Beautryrest brand which was established in 1925.It is also only two years older than the Missouri Campbell Sleep company inCape Girardeauwhich was foundedin 1933. Today, Serta is a nationally recognized American mattress brand. With over 90 years of mattress manufacturing and mattress technology development, Serta’s Perfect Sleeper series has several mattress models to explore. You can find the Perfect Sleeper across the Greater St. Louis area, including St. Charles County, and Illinois at any of the Mattress Direct showrooms. 

The Serta Perfect Sleeper is offered in five styles at Mattress Direct. We have the Adoring Plush, Adoring Euro Top, Blue Lagoon Pillow Top,Cobalt Calm Firm Pillow Top, and two hybrid styles, Euphoric Nightsand Dazzling Night Medium.All five styles contain a coil base with varying amount of comfort layers.  

Containing the most features, the Perfect Sleeper Blue Lagoon Night mattressis a plush bed with 11 key features within its traditional quilted style layout with a profile of 12. The Cobalt Calm has 9 key features and a profile also at 12” whereas the Adorning Night Plush has 6 key features with a profile of 10.5”and the Adorning Night Euro Top has 5 key features with a profile of 11.5”. Hybrid styles are also a little less with Dazzling Night at 6 key features and 7 key features for Euphoric Night. Both hybrids have a profile of 12”. The heights of these mattresses make them ideal for anyone concerned about the increasing height of their bed, especially if paired with a low-profile foundation. All models are compatible with adjustable bases, offer a 10-year warranty and are 100% USA assembled.Now let’s take a deeper look at the features in this Perfect Sleeper mattress line. 

 Consult your Sleep Specialist at your nearest Mattress Direct to help you with a model comparison and to determine which features are most relevant to your sleep needs.  




Perfect Sleeper Features 


  1. Antimicrobial Mattress Protectionis a fabric treatment that is introduced to the fabric during the manufacturing process to make it resistant to microbes. This helps to keep a mattress feeling clean and fresh from odor causing bacteria; however, it's important to note that antimicrobial properties do not protect users against bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease organisms. The antimicrobial properties are focused on reducing microbe growth within the mattress.  

  1. Cool Feel Fabric is woven onto themattress to provide a cool to the touch feel. By using a highly conductive polyethylene (PE) yarn, heat is transferred away from the bodyproviding the cool to the touch feel. This fabric supports Sleep Rule #3: Keep Your Cool. 

  1. Fiber Layer is a part of the comfort layer designed to provide cushioning, breathability and durability. It can contain natural fibers and/or manufactured fibers with sustainable materials.  

  1. QuiltLoft Foamis sewn into the mattress as an additional layer of contouring and pressure relieving agent.As a different type of foam, it provides the ability to compliment and work with other memory foam densities to focus on traditional pain points such as the hips, shouldersand knees. 

  1. PillowSoft Aire is a foam that provides enhanced cushioning while promoting airflow through its rippling design. This foam supports Sleep Rule #2: Relieve Your Pressure by removing any restrictions to your shoulders, hips or knees as the common points of pain during sleep contributing to awaking to find a more comfortable position 

  1. Cushion Quilt Foam complements the above Fiber Layer, QuiltLoftFoam and the Pillow Soft Aire layers in ensuring the mattress has multiple comfort layers to meet the second Sleep Rule: Relieve Your Pressure. 

  1. Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam is a cooling gel swirled into premium memory foam. According to the Sleep Foundation, gel memory foam is a phase-changing material that absorbs and releases heat from your body. This phase-change materialpermitsthe mattress to meet Sleep Rule #3: Keeping Your Cool, which is focused onmaintainingtemperature regulation. By ensuring you are not getting too hot or too cold throughout the night, you are less likely toencountersleep disruption. Reducing sleep disruption is vital to keep you in the important REM Sleep cycle and contributing to that well rested night of sleep.  

  1. Cool Twist Gel Foamis an additional comfort layer to promote cooling and pressure relief allowing it to meet Sleep Rule # 2 Relieve Your Pressure and Sleep Rule #3 Keeping Your Cool. 

  1. Gel Band Support provides lumbar support to the lower back and hips. Sleep positions can also drastically affect the lower back, so having a mattress that includes lumbar support or adding anadjustable base with lumbar support or a zero-gravity feature can aid a mattress in providing the appropriate lower back pain relief support and management.  

  1.  As an Innerspring mattress model, the Perfect Sleepers offer an 825or 850 Edition Custom Support System. This means you benefit from the durability that coils provide and feel the support of those coils without it poking into those key pressure points of the hips, shoulders and knees. In addition, Innerspring mattresses by design offer significantly more cooling capabilities for the airflow through the coils than traditional full memory foam mattresses. 

  1. Serta Balance Support Foam is the final layer to add support and provide a balanced feel to the mattress. By combining the foam support, the additional foam and comfort layers with the individually pocketed coils,the Perfect Sleepers can have more motion transfer reduction than a standard innerspring mattress would to ultimately round out your sleeping experience.  

A few things to address about this mattress as well. With the number of different foams used throughout the different Perfect Sleeper models, you can feel comfortable knowing that Serta Simmons Bedding LLC is aCertiPUR-US certified company that uses foams  

  • Made without zone depleters 

  • Made without PBDEs  

  • Made without Tris flame retardants: TCEP, TDBPP, TDCPP, or TEPA 

  • Made without mercury, lead, or other heavy metals 

  • Made without formaldehyde 

  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission 

  • Love VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million) 

CertiPUR-US is an independent non-profit organization that provides certification to the manufacturer of flexible polyurethane foam. Serta Simmons Bedding LLC is listed in CertiPUR-US directory and undergoes an annual certification procedure with the organization to maintain its certified status. 



Let’s recap some key takeaways from the features of the Serta Perfect . 

This mattress line meets Sleep Rule #1: Align Your Spine with features 9) Gel Band Support, 10) 825 Edition Customer Support System and 11) Serta Balance Support Foam. To further support spinal alignment and reduce pressure and lower back pain, this model is compatible with an adjustable base which can offer additional lumbar support and zero-gravity.  

This mattress line meets Sleep Rule #2: Relieve Your Pressure with features 3) Fiber Layer, 4) QuiltLoft Foam, 5) PillowSoft Aire, 6) Cushion Quilt Foam, 7) Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam, and 8) Cool Gel Twist Foam. These comfort layers are comprised of various density foams to provide the ultimate pressure relief on common pain points of the hips, knees and shoulders. The different models will contain different degrees of comfort layers, so it is important to check with your Sleep Specialist for your preferred model.  

This mattress line meets Sleep Rule #3: Keeping Your Cool with features 2) Cool Feel Fabric, 7) Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam, 8) Cool Gel Twist Foam and 10) 825 or 850 Edition Custom Support System. By combining the specialized cooling foams with the airflow capabilities of a coil mattress, this model lineprovides multiple aspects for temperature regulation. 

Now that you know all the cool features and benefits of the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses, it's time to try it out and see if it is the right fit for you. And don’t worry if it’s not, mattresses are still a subjective individual feeling of comfort and support, so let one of Mattress Direct’s Sleep Specialists help you at any of our showrooms in the Greater St. Louis Area find that perfect mattress for you.  


Mattress Direct strives to provide the lowest cost to you by operating as a direct from the manufacturer outlet. This means you receive a mattress that has been freshly made for you and never beforeslept on bed. Italso means it's not sitting and being piled high with other mattresses in a large warehouse on top of it. Our Sleep Specialists strive to fit you with the right mattress for your sleep needs the very first time so you can start getting more rest and seeing that improvement in your quality of life from the very first night. We offer our Comfort Guarantee that gives you an entire year from date of delivery to fall in love with your mattress and ensure you are sleeping comfortably. If during that year you determine your mattress selection is not the right fit, we would be happy to help you reselect based on your feedback to find a more suitable bed.  

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