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The MH Gray Luxury Mattress Legacy Collection features the most advanced comfort materials and unmatched dynamic support no matter what position your body rests best in.


With Relax-O-Pedic XO Ergonomic Technology embedded in the comfort layer, your lumbar region is more well supported while your hips and shoulders have more pressure relieving comfort to settle your body into the ideal comfort while being both supported and comforted.


Natural Balance Comfort layers are naturally sourced ingredients allowing your body to enjoy a floating sensation while at rest on the Sleep Surface. The most durable comfort material is also one of the most comfortable.


Climate Right Memory Foam in the sleeping surface ensures your body is comforted and your bed feels the same in the summer as it does in the winter. Traditional Memory Foam is temperature sensitive, but with Climate Right Memory Foam, your body's pressure points activate the comfort, not your body heat. When you bump up the thermostat it won't make the mattress feel softer or firmer so you'll sleep great every night.


Smart Support balances the strength to support the weight of our body mass with the dynamic flex to adapt to the curves of our bodies. With a separate pressure sensitive comfort coil resting atop our proprietary posturized support core, your bed will feel just right every night.


The combination of Climate Right Memory Foam, Smart Support, XO Technology from Relax-O-Pedic, and Natural Balance comfort layers make the MH Gray Legacy Collection one of the most advanced sleep systems in the world.