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The Incredible Shrinking Bed!!!!

The Incredible Shrinking Bed!!!!

Is it just me or did this bed get smaller?!

Do you have to wear headgear and a mouth guard to protect yourself from your partner’s flailing sleeping self?
Does your mattress turn into the landing pad for your kids and/or pets?
Tired of waking up to your partners dragon breath right up on you in the morning?


That’s right! Stop settling for that old mattress that you've had since you went away to school and were fortunate enough to have an apartment (Those dorm room mattresses!!!! YIKES!!)

If your family is growing, gained a pet, or just need that extra elbow room….moving up to a King from a Queen is gonna help. It is becoming the most popular size and keeping couples happier during their night time slumber. You gain a whole 16” in width…(Queen is 60”X80” and King is 76” X 80”) While that doesn’t sound like much, it makes a world of difference.

It increases the motion separation in all the BeautyrestiComforts, and iComfort Hybrids. Yeah, you will feel even less of your partner moving or little Johnny/Janey belly flopping into the bed in the morning.

A lot of customers have been getting into a Dual King set up (2 Half King width mattresses with 2 Half King width motion bases). This is fine tuning your sleep at its finest! Both sleepers get to maximize their comfort without settling for each others preferences. Plus….NO FIGHTING OVER A REMOTE!!!

So call your local Mattress Direct and set up an appointment to get YOUR new BIGGER bed and get YOUR Best Rest for Less!




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